Paper-free billing FAQs

This page explains our paper-free billing option, how to sign up for it, and how to view and print your online bill.

General Information

  1. What is paper-free billing?

    With paper-free billing, instead of getting a paper bill in the mail, you get an email or text when your monthly bill is ready. You can view, download and print your monthly bill securely through My Verizon online or through the My Verizon app.

    Paper-free billing gives you more information than a paper bill. A paper bill only has a summary of your charges and doesn't give you usage details for each line on your account.

    With paper-free billing you can see:

    • A summary of the charges for your account
    • A summary of charges for each line
    • The calling, messaging and data usage details for each line
  2. How do I sign up for paper-free billing?

    Paper-free billing is enabled for new accounts. Paper-free billing is also turned on automatically if you signed up for Auto Pay.

    To see if you're on paper-free billing:

    My Verizon online: If you don't have paper-free billing, your home page's bill card shows an invitation to "Simplify your life with Auto Pay and paper-free billing" and a Set Up Auto Pay button.

    If you're not on paper-free billing, Sign you can sign up for paper-free billing in just a few steps:

    • My Verizon online: Choose My Billing from the top menu, then Paper-free billing from the dropdown menu.
    • Or, on your homepage's bill card, choose the Set Up Auto Pay button then choose Paper-free billing from the menu on the right.
  3. Do I get a discount on my bill for signing up with Auto Pay or paper-free billing?

    Yes, with eligible plans, you can get a $5 or $10/month per line discount for using both Auto Pay and paper-free billing for your account billing.

    You must sign up for Auto Pay with a debit card or a bank account (you can't use a credit card).

    When you sign up for Auto Pay you're automatically enrolled in paper-free billing. However, signing up for paper-free billing doesn’t automatically enroll you in Auto Pay.

    Learn more about Auto Pay. Or sign up now for Auto Pay and paper-free billing.

  4. How detailed is my online bill?

    You can view your billing statement online using the My Bill page in My Verizon. It shows you:

    • A high-level look at the total charges for your account.
    • Charges by line - Tap or click on a line to see the monthly charges (including device payment), add-ons (e.g., Verizon Cloud), and taxes and surcharges for that line.
    • Usage details by line - Tap or click the View activity usage link at the top of the page, and then tap or click View next to the line you want to view usage for. You'll see the line's data usage details for your most recent bill. You can also view the minute and message usage for the line using the Select an activity dropdown.
    • Up to 18 months of past bills right from the same page.

    Watch our Understanding Your Online Bill video for more information.

    Note: Only Account Owners or Account Managers can view billing information. Learn more about My Verizon account roles.

  5. How soon will my bill be available in My Verizon?

    If you're an existing Verizon Wireless customer, you can view your bill immediately through My Verizon. If you're a new customer, your billing information will be available in My Verizon at the end of your first bill cycle.

    Each month your bill will be available online, usually 5-7 days after your bill cycle ends. You can set or change email and text alerts that notify you when your bill is available.  Log in to My Verizon and choose Account then Alert Settings.

  6. Can I download or print a copy of my bill to my computer?

    Yes, you can view, save and print your monthly bills through My Verizon or the My Verizon app. Up to 18 months of past bills are available.

    My Verizon online: From the top menu, click Bill then Documents & Receipts. From there, choose a bill to open and download or print a copy.

    You must be an Account Owner or Account Manager to view Documents & Receipts.

    My Verizon app: From the top menu, click Bill then History and choose the bill you want. Choose check out your bill as a PDF then click the paper icon at the lower left to save, email or print a copy.

  7. How can I view my bill in the Documents & Receipts page if I have paper-free billing?

    Along with your monthly bill, the Documents & Receipts page in My Verizon is where your important account documents, receipts and mail-in rebate forms are stored. These documents can be viewed, downloaded as PDF* files or printed from My Verizon.

    To view your bill:

    My Verizon App

    1. Open the My Verizon app.
    2. Open the menu in the top left.
    3. Tap Bill.
    4. Tap Settings.
    5. Tap Manage Paper-free billing.
    6. Tap the switch to the on (green) position to turn on paper-free billing.

    My Verizon Website

    1. Go to the Documents & Receipts page in My Verizon.
    2. Select Monthly Bills from the Categories dropdown.
    3. Click the title of the document you wish to view.

    Clicking a document's title opens a PDF* file, which you can then save or print.

    Note: You must be an Account Owner or Account Manager to view Documents & Receipts.

    Learn more about My Verizon account roles.

  8. How do I manage my billing settings?

    You can manage your paper-free billing settings any time in My Verizon.

    Keep in mind you have to be an Account Owner or Account Manager to edit the billing options.


  1. Who do I contact if I'm having trouble accessing my bill in My Verizon?

    If you're having difficulty accessing your bill, and it's at least 7 days after your bill cycle has ended, please contact us.

  2. iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the US and other countries and is used under license.
    *To view the PDF file, you may need to download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.